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Yves Salomon

In the 1980’s the company turns his direction in manufacturing furs for big fashion houses, positioning it self at the centre of the fashion world. Furs today are like any other fabrics and new techniques make the skin even lighter and the mix with other materials gives them a modern look. We find this spirit in the Yves Salomon collections designed for an active woman, and the young label of Meteo created for a market that is today seduced by the “Fur attitude” completing his look with a vast and successful accessory line.
Yves Salomon today is huge reality and part of the fur rebirth that seduces more and more fashion women all over the world. We still collaborating with the greatest fashion names and takes care of licences for Sonia Rykiel, Karl Lagerfeld, Paul Ka, seconded by his son Thomas, he now enlarges his territory with own label Revillon since 2006. A new challenge

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Fall/Winter 2019/20
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