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Céline is the French, contemporary, accessible luxury brand for active women. The luxury house was launched in 1945 by Celine Viplana, and was originally a made-to-measure children's shoe business that grew into women's shoes and accessories. Ready-to-wear debuted in the 1960s, when Viplana designed a line of "couture sportswear" or “fashion for everyone.”
Michael Kors helmed the label successfully for seven years until 2004, when the reigns were passed to Italian designer Roberto Menichetti. Although the label had garnered headlines when it was revived by Michael Kors in the late nineties, it was Philo who truly brought the till-then-somewhat-somnambulant luxury house to the forefront. Critics credited her with pushing fashion in a new direction, towards a more spare, stripped-down kind of sophistication. What Céline now offered women was, as the magazine put it, “a grown-up and hip way to put themselves together.”

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